The Smart Meter

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Roshan Kumar Gupta
Parvej Saleh
Srivathshan KS


The demand for energy is increasing as a result of the growth in both population and industrial development. To improve energy efficiency, consumers need to be more aware of their
energy consumption. In recent years, utilities have started developing new electric energy meters which are known as smart meters. A smart meter is a digital energy meter that measures the consumption of electrical energy and provides other additional information as compared to the traditional energy meter. The main aim of the paper is to develop remote energy
measurement system using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Furthermore, all data such as energy consumption (in KWH) in dis-aggregated form is obtained using Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
Tool Kit (NILMTK). Energy dis-aggregation estimates appliance-by-appliance electricity consumption from a single meter that measures the whole home’s electricity demand. Mobile
and web-based visualizations were created for the data collected from the meter.

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