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Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Probyto AI Journal

Probyto AI Journal is collection of excellent work in Data Science domain along with researchers from various academic institutions across Indiad

Published: 2020-03-08

The Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) detection in real-time using Deep Learning Models for Pharmacovigilance Studies

Srivathshan KS, Chibi Chakarvathy, Dandu Aravind Pai, Gayathri R, Pranesh MP, Parvej Reja Saleh

The AirSense : Smart air quality monitoring and reporting tool using IoT devices and cloud service

Parvej Reja Saleh, Akashjyoti Banik, Debalina Banerjee, Roshan Kumar Gupta, Srivathshan KS

The FormAssist : Deep learning methods for converting handwritten forms into digital assets

Srivathshan KS, Saurav Kumar, Shreekanth R, Midhilesh E, Parvej Reja Saleh

The Micro-services architecture-based Text Analysis Engine

Swaswati Dutta, Parvej Saleh, Srivathshan KS

The PeopleReporter: Smart social media tool to detect breaking news and it's credibility

Srivathshan KS, Parvej Reja Saleh, Vishesh Kumar Jha, Joyfred Jesuraj A, Desu Sesha Sai Suhash

The Pharmacovigilance using AI

Rakibul Asheeque, Srivathshan KS, Parvej Saleh

The Smart Meter

Roshan Kumar Gupta, Parvej Saleh, Srivathshan KS
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